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PhD Projects proposed in 2014

The PhD projects listed below are scheduled to start in September 2014.

In the below list, the first number indicates a simple rank of receipt and the two acronyms refer to the two institutions jointly supervising the project:
- APT = AgroParisTech (France)
- AU = Aarhus University (Denmark)
- SLU = Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
- WU = Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Important note

Candidates are informed that, to apply for a given project, they must have a Master degree from a country different from the two countries of the institutions supervising the project.

Application is closed.
PhD Projects List (click on the title to read the PhD project’s summary)
1 (APT-SLU) Selection for health in purebred dog
2 (WU-APT) Sequence based selection in turkey
3 (WU-AU) Genomics of infectious diseases: Development of methods to identify genes for susceptibility and infectivity, and their application to coccidiosis in broiler chickens
4 (WU-SLU) Improving disease resistance and heat tolerance in pigs by selecting on uniformity
5 (AU-WU) Fine mapping and genomic selection for detailed milk composition
6 (AU-WU) Sustainability of small scale breeding plans using selective genotyping
7 (AU-WU) Genetic control of methane emission, feed efficiency and metagenomics in dairy cattle
10 (APT-AU) Use of large scale cow genotyping to dissect the genetic determinism of complex traits beyond additive effects
11 (WU-SLU) A genomic breeding program that use primitive cattle breeds to re-generate the aurochs

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